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Christophe invited to meet his charming and cozy cottage, made of materials indigenous to the island, giving a rustic yet warm.

It faces the Rano Kau, a wonder of nature, overlooking over the ocean.

A nearby are the caves of Ana Kai Tangata, AnaKinonga, a trail for hiking to the summit of the volcano and Ahu (ceremonial platform).Hanga Roa, the only city in the island is to 1 km. Rapa Nui Easter island, a smalltriangle of 166 square kilometers volcanic, with 12 km wide and 24 long, is the farthestpoint of the world.
Pitcairn island is the closest inhabited Polynesia, located at 1900km Rapa Nui is located at 3700 km from the Chilean coast and 4050 of Tahiti.

His birth is due to a submarine volcanism, hence emerge 3 major volcanoes. Poike, east, 370 meters, Rano Kau, west, 324 meters and Terevaka north is the highlight of the islandwith 511 meters high. The island has about sixty, attesting an intense magnetic activitytoday off. There is actually more than the summit of a volcanic cone that is based on the seabed of 3000 meters which makes it a mountain of 3500 meters. As the old saying, Te Pito o I Tenua was officially discovered on Easter Day, Sunday April 5, 1722, by theDutch admiral Jacob Roggeveen.

According to recent DNA analysis, the islandersare of the Polynesian Mangereva most likely source, current gambiers archipelago. This small town had an experience unusual, probably unique, that is the distance between theislanders and humanity that forged his strange and haunted history.

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